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VetCard™ connects veterans and their families with companies who take the VetFriendly pledge.

VetCard™ connects veterans and their families with companies that are VetFriendly™.


We make it easy to find the companies that support you and your family.  Each company is certified and takes the VetFriendly™ pledge.


We connect you to customers looking for your service.  Our unique platform gives you access to the customers profile so you can make a direct to consumer connection.  Learn how we can connect you with veterans and their families.


Help businesses connect with our veterans and their families.  Our program will pay a referral fee for each business that you sign up.

Part of the OmegaPoint™ Platform

VetFriendly™ is built on the OmegaPoint™  private blockchain platform which provides secure and private storage of personal information.  Our platform enables companies and individuals to interact without giving up privacy.


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